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Hello boys and gals! Watchers and new comers! I am here to discuss the plans for my interactive fandom gallery opening soon in the future years, opening here in Miami, Florida, the house I am planning on getting has a gigantic main room connected to a mini kitchen, and one bathroom, and to the right there is a staircase that reaches to a wonderful upper room, with another bathroom, and yet another bedroom near the front door, with yet ANOTHER bathroom. XD 
     With all of that, there is also a beautiful backyard with a dock, with a breathtaking lake view. Enough about the house details, let's get to the details on what I plan on doing with it! For all my customs, from My Little Pony to Skylanders and just about everything else, they will all be for sale there, at good prices, all coming with a free traditional drawing of your choice for each item! From all fandoms may these items be from, none are restricted! 
    When you enter you can leave specific commissions for me to get done shortly, and you can either come back to pick them up, or have them sent to your address. Not only can I ship to the US, but international, buyers just must pay for shipping. I will also have a box set to the outside for visitors to drop off extra art supplies, toys and figures of any kind, to help us save money on supplies and to spend it on the customs for the china cabinet, now let's get to that. Along with that there will lie a suggestion journal, and money donation jar, where you tip a donation in, and leave any ideas we can do to make it an even better experience for you. 
      I plan to have several locked china cabinets, bursting full of custom art from plushies to sculptures, and ultra rare items, for visitors to see when coming in aside from my own art. For customs from other artists, all artists will be have a credit sign, so good promotion goes to all I commission from, and all show donate to the cause! In a hidden away cabinet, I will have all of my NSFW art and customs of my own, and from others, seperating it for underage visitors and people who don't feel secure being around that.
      Not as important, but still a fun detail, the whole house that isn't covered by customs, will be filled with vectors, signs, and decorations, to just make it a more exciting place, as hey, that's the goal! This interactive art gallery is open to all ages, though on weekend nights I may plan to have drinking nights there, I personally don't wish to drink, but I know lots of people have a good old time with it, so why not? Of course during those times people of only 21 and older can enter.
        To attract even more visitors, I wish to have meetups for several different fandoms, every once in a while, for a new event each week. These meetups can be from MLP, to Spyro, to just about anything else! Movies on a giant television, with delicious snacks to order will be another event, happening possibly every week, and video games will be left on at the television set for our visitors to come by and play as well! 

      Please suggest more ideas my friends and viewers, the more the better! Please note me, comment, or email me at
Items I have for the Interactive Art Mueseum so far:…
Compendium-Curiosity Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
That is a brilliant thing to do!

I do hope you get a lot of visitors!
kaos-khronicles Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Ooh, that sounds epic!
knightr33 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
Just hope the weather isnt a problem lol.
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March 3, 2014


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